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RUNNING is akin to life. Phases, seasons, moods. Uphills and pitfalls. Building character, and testing it. Good and bad days. A bit of discipline. There's one big difference though. The wind's always in your favour ! And so beautifully in your face.

GIVING. I am more fortunate than so many others today. I was helped by overwhelming kindness and generosity along my journey of life. I enjoy the sharing. It makes for a few smiles. Some welcome happiness!

You're welcome to join me in running. If that's a bit much, please do join in giving.

Ajay Bakaya


"There is so much to celebrate. So much of life to rejoice for. So much to Thank The Lord for. And so much more to do…

In that spirit, and blowing away the gloom and doom that surrounds us, I am pounding the trail once again. And calling for your help.

It's time for the 21.1 km Delhi Half Marathon soon. The run is on 15th December. Once again, I am running to raise funds for Pragati, the Gurgaon based NGO providing free school education to the underprivileged. I am running to fuel a future filled with hope.

I need lots of your money. You've arrived ! Do dig deep into your pockets. Every small bit goes many miles ! At 57, I don't have too much running left in those legs. Please be generous.

I am a 'Dream Challenger' which means I need to be the big fund raiser. Please give from your heart.

CHEQUES in favour of CONCERN INDIA FOUNDATION. All contributions will be receipted and are tax deductible under 80 G. Please do mention your PAN number along with the cheque. And your address please.


Ajay K. Bakaya

Record contributions over the years…

Claresta Sarovar Portico, Hosur. : Rs. 2,00,000/-

Mr. P.R.S. Oberoi, Oberoi Hotels. : Rs. 1,00,000/-

Mr. Anil Madhok, Sarovar Hotels. : Rs. 1,00,000/-

Walking Trio. Leisure Valley Sector 29 Gurgaon : Rs. 5,100/-

Every contribution is invaluable !"

SMART TIP 1. Focus on putting one foot ahead of the other. Run with yourself. Not against others. Enjoy the journey. That’s all that matters.

SMART TIP 2. It's good to follow beautiful legs for inspiration. Choose wisely. Change frequently. The idea’s motivation. Not collapse!

WANT MORE SMART TIPS ? From the heart. From an amateur. On glucosamine. Vitamin supplements Branched Chain amino acids. Warm ups. Cool offs. Cross training. I am happy to share my experiences of running for the past 23 years.

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