On a crisp December morning, let your employees run to show the world you care.

The unifying nature of a marathon has led corporates across the world to use it as a team building exercise, wherein all individuals run as one, support a common cause, represent the organisation.

The run can be a branding exercise – your team members emblazoned with corporate colours, or the logo of the NGO they support could be good visibility. Interesting costumes, creative group formations etc could catch the eye of the media contingent.

Marathons make news

While a single registration allows participation of 10/25/40 employees, you can make bigger headlines by making multiple registrations, upto seven. Having multiple teams take the Corporate’s participation to a brilliant show of motivation and teamwork.

Easy steps to make a powerful impact on society

  • Sign up by filling the registration form and making a minimum non-refundable contribution of Rs. 1,25,000 or Rs. 2,50,000 or Rs. 3,50,000 plus the event registration fee for the 10/25/40 individuals @ Rs. 500 for the Great Delhi Run and Rs. 900 for the Half Marathon race category. The cheque/ DD for the Rs. 1,25,000 or Rs. 2,50,000 or Rs. 3,50,000 will be in favour of Concern India Foundation, and the event registration fee (as applicable) will be in favour of Procam International Ltd. – ADHM.
  • The corporate registration will be in support of a single NGO, selected from the list of registered NGOs.
  • 10 or 25 or 40 people will be entitled to participate against one corporate registration, depending on the option chosen by the Corporate.
  • These participants can individually or collectively select any race of the four race categories.
  • The individual runners can also further raise funds and raise pledges. The individual can select a charity of his/her choice other than the one being supported by the corporate. The corporate can further exercise the option of matching the amounts raised by its employees towards the charity.


Download Declaration form

Any Questions? Refer to FAQs
Or call Concern India Foundation:
+91 – 11 – 41622511 / 26224478.
Email: marathon@concernindia.org

Choose your cause
Click here for participating NGOs

Don’t miss the race

  • Corporate Challenge Teams – on first-come basis.
  • Registration for Corporate Challenge Teams begins from August 16th, 2013.
  • Last date for registration – November 18th, 2013.
  • Last date for submitting completed Pledges by CCIPs – December 31st, 2013

Corporate Challenge Awards (proposed)

  • Highest and 2nd highest Company Contribution
  • Company with Highest Employee Contribution
  • Highest and 2nd highest Individual Pledge Raiser (Minimum qualifying amount: Rs 35,000)

# to be eligible for this award, team members of the Corporate Challenge team must have submitted their pledges to Concern India Foundation on or before 20th November, 2013.

Incentives on the Race Day

Lead up to Race Day
    • Regular newsletters and pre-race day communication.
    • Online interactive page on Concern India Foundation website to enable internal communication in the team with online fund raising options.
    • Downloadable pledge kit from Concern India Foundation website.
    • Team Leaders’ meeting to give updates, pledge raising tips, standardised presentations that they can use to motivate their team members (on request).


On Race Day
  • Special running number bibs with the words ‘Corporate Challenge’ written on them.
  • Team members participating in all race categories will be hosted in a special Corporate Challenge Tent at the event venue on race day with facilities.
  • *The top 5 corporate teams of ADHM 2012 edition will be given priority line up. Also, the MD or CEO of top 3 corporate companies will be invited on PD stage with other dignitaries and celebrities to cheer their team.
  • A special incentive: Companies whose CC team members collectively raise funds of more than Rs. 75,000 and submit them to Concern India Foundation on or before November 18th, 2013 will be entitled to have 2 runner boards on race day showcasing the company name and the logo/s of the NGO/s they are supporting. Please note, irrespective of number of teams fielded by a company, a company will be entitled to only 2 runner boards where the minimum amounts are raised by team members.
  • Visibility at the Corporate Challenge tent.
  • Relay of telecast of ADHM 2013 at the Corporate Challenge tent.
  • Celebrity visit at the marquee.
After Race Day
  • Team acknowledgement on website and charity docket.
  • 80G certificates to every donor and corporate will be sent by Concern India Foundation.
  • Invitation for the ADHM Charity Awards Night will be extended to top management of companies whose employees have raised funds through ADHM 2013.

Corporate Challenge 2013