Sports Day for the Differently Abled




Every child – regardless of differing backgrounds and abilities – has the right to a holistic education, including the opportunity for games and recreation.

For the very first time in Pune, a Sports Meet for the Differently Abled was held on Friday, October 30th 2015 at the Sanas Ground.

Held in aid of Concern India Foundation, the event saw over 120 children from organisations in Pune that work with people with cognitive, auditory and physical challenges, participate in a day of athletics. The event was organised by Secure Giving.

The races entailed 50 and 100 meter runs and relay for the children, grouped according to their varying abilities and ages.  Light games like Lemon & Spoon and lagori were also organized to add a fun element to the event. In a display of sheer will, each and every child successfully finished their respective races. The day ended with the prize distribution ceremony. Bramhdatta was awarded a special prize for the best disciplined team while Dilasa walked away with the overall championship and Sanjeevani Vidyalaya were the runners up. Prizes were supported by Punjab National Bank.

Children between the ages of 8 and 18 from 6 NGOs in Pune participated in the event. Savali Vidyalaya, Dilasa Kendra, Sanjeevani Vidyalaya, Prism Foundation’s LARC, Intervida Awakening Jagriti school and Bramhdatta Vidyalaya were the participating organisations.

Representatives from Savali School said this was the first time their students were able to participate in a sports event. The children were thrilled to participate in the races and winning or losing did not really matter.The children showed extraordinary spirit, enthusiasm and discipline throughout the day.

The children were given personal attention and were mentored by volunteers from Credit Suisse and Dana Corporation. They helped the children with the food and in prize distribution. The volunteers and the parents present at the ground cheered the children with a lot of enthusiasm and applause.

The inaugural Sports Day for the Differently Abled, in aid of Concern India Foundation was conducted in Mumbai earlier this year where over 180 children participated. The event is all set to expand in the next few months.