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Monday, September, 30th, 2013

Share Your Meal

This Joy of Giving Week 2013, Concern India Foundation has launched a campaign called ‘Share Your Meal’ in collaboration with Tata Motors, DCB Bank and Convergys, Gurgaon. This campaign will be implemented in the offices of these corporates across six major Indian cities. The Joy of Giving week is celebrated from Oct 2nd to October 8th 2013.

Under the Share Your Meal programme every time an employee of our partner corporate buys a meal at their office canteen, they get an opportunity to donate to their hearts content, to bring about a change in the life of an underprivileged child.

The funds raised during this campaign will be utilised by Concern India Foundation to support various education initiatives all over India.

What’s unique about this campaign is that it supports a different education initiative in six cities. So while in Mumbai, the campaign will work towards the education of children with mental and physical challenges, in Hyderabad it supports orphan girls at a residential home. In Bengaluru it aids the education of migrant workers’ children at a bridge school and in Kolkata it oversees the rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged children. In Chennai the campaign supports evening tuition centers for children of domestic workers.

To know about the Share Your Meal campaign visit :

Thursday, September, 26th, 2013

A Memorable Lesson

On a hot summer day when everyone preferred to stay inside, I along with a few of my colleagues went for the project visit to an old age home supported by Concern India Foundation.

The first thing that struck me as soon as we entered the shelter home was everybody’s bright smiles that welcomed us. It was an amazing sight because the senior citizens residing here had been abandoned by their family and feeling of pain, sadness, loneliness and memories of their past was all that occupied their platter at the moment.

While a few of them were waiting to be cured completely, the others were expecting their family members to come and take them.

One of them in particular became an inspiration to all of us. Full of life and energy, it was a delight to watch him as he made us listen to all his Sanskrit shlokas and entertaining stories.

After meeting him we realised that all that these people need is our time. They want somebody to sit with them and share their experiences and grief. Under no pretext should the aged be made to feel that they are a burden.

By the end of the day, I felt extremely privileged to have interacted with these residents.

Gunjan Lal, Resource Mobilisation, Concern India Foundation (Delhi)

Tuesday, September, 24th, 2013

A second home

With very limited knowledge of grassroot level social work and unlimited knowledge about its various theories and principles, I started my professional stint with Concern India Foundation in 2007.

After six years, I can confidently say that my time here has helped me widen my horizons in the social developmental sector. It has given me the opportunity to express my strengths and at the same time I have learned from every different job role given to me, be it as a projects officer or a fund raiser.

Concern India Foundation works with various target groups and with various social issues and situations. What I like most about the way we work is that we support programs till they reach a level where they can sustain themselves. If they are unable to manage, Concern helps them to network with other organisations that can help sustain them. This has helped me to look beyond current situations and think more critically and analytically when one of our supported programs is faced with a difficulty.

Being a part of Concern India Foundation means being a part of CHANGE for the society and yes I am proud Concernite!

– Minna Joseph, Resource Mobilisation, Concern India Foundation (Chennai)

Thursday, September, 19th, 2013

A New Life

One of the first programmes that I visited after joining Concern India Foundation was the one that works with burns victims. Before my visit that day, I had thought that I had seen it all but today I know that there is more to any NGO’s work than what meets the eye.

During my visit I was introduced to the two sisters who had started the project. One of them was a burns survivor herself who fought the prolonged battle of recovery from severe burns and trained herself to become a renowned plastic surgeon. She now treats other burn victims at this organisation and other city hospitals.

The organisation makes the treatment possible for many young women who have been victims of domestic violence and self-afflicted suicide attempts. They reach out at a stage where care is not available – after completion of the initial hospital treatment and when the patient is still far-removed from the road to recovery. With support from Concern India Foundation, the programme identifies burn survivors, develops networks, provides regular wound dressings in the OPD, offers community based free treatment for victims, refers deserving cases for reconstructive surgery and recommends rehabilitative counselling to the victims and their families. The treatment is provided free of cost.

The programme gives back these individuals their identity and dignity. If it wasn’t for this intervention, they wouldn’t have had the courage to face the world with their scars. This is what the programme gives the victim – their zest to live again!

In recognition of their good work, this organisation has even won the Zee News Award for Affordable Health Care in March 2013.

I sincerely hope that this programme would continue to progress and reach out to all who have isolated themselves behind closed doors, with scars that have scarred them for life.

– Radhika Nambiar, Assistant Manager Programmes, Concern India Foundation (Bengaluru)

Thursday, September, 12th, 2013

Enhancing employability through computer literacy

The online charity portal GlobalGiving aims to provide global exposure to NGOs across the world by giving them a platform to raise funds for their causes. Through their Open Challenge, GlobalGiving is giving NGOs a chance to become permanent members of their global online community which will give NGOs the chance to raise funds from across the world. Concern India Foundation is participating in the challenge for the aid of one of our programmes that enhances employability through computer literacy training among children and youth in Bengaluru and Delhi.

The programme provides youth with an opportunity to become more familiar with computer usage and to use technology to enhance their capabilities. The aim is to provide computer literacy to 1100 children and youth through a 1-year course to enhance their skills and make them more employable.

The project teaches youth to work on computers independently, to speak and write English fluently and to learn the basics of accounting and administrative job skills that will enhance their chances of employability. Short-term computer courses are offered to drop-outs to enable them to take up jobs in retail, telemarketing or administrative jobs. This helps minimise school drop-outs, increase academic levels and teach relevant job skills to the underprivileged.

The project will greatly benefit from the visibility and funds that the GlobalGiving platform provides. To get on to their website, we have to raise US$5,000 from 40 donors in the US by October 21st, 2013.

Help us spread the word, by sharing details of the programme with your friends and family in the US today. For more information on the programme and details on how to donate, visit:

Wednesday, September, 11th, 2013

An enriching experience

“Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God – the rest will be given.” – Mother Teresa

I have been working with Concern India Foundation for the past two and a half years and it has been a journey filled with enthusiasm, excitement and commitment to work for a social cause.

With prior work experience of working on specific issues related to children and health, Concern covers a wide range of issues (education, disability, health, livelihood, women empowerment etc) and diverse target groups.

This vast exposure and interaction with various grassroots organisations has broadened my understanding on larger development issues.

To address any social issue, key stakeholders need to come together and work towards the common goal of improving the lives of the marginalised and disadvantaged sections of the society.

Through Resource mobilisation, Concern India Foundation has been able to tap the resources of the corporate sector, donors, artists and individuals who are willing to contribute to the social cause, engage with project participants and act as responsible citizens.

It has been an enriching experience working with Concern, with a group of women from various fields and expertise striving to succeed and accomplish the organisation’s goals.

Sunitha Lewis, Programmes Head, Concern India Foundation (Mumbai)