Creating Health Awareness - Concern India Foundation
Monday, November, 24th, 2014

Creating Health Awareness

Concern India Foundation supports a health programme in one of the biggest slums of Delhi to create awareness about sanitation.

Health workers visit homes in this area everyday to personally understand the needs of the family. The programme conducts a number of activities to improve the health conditions of the residents and make them aware of best health practices.

The programme also conduct life skill sessions for the youth to acquaint them with health and sanitation issues.

One of the girls who has tremendously benefitted from the programme is Roshni. She is studying in grade 7.

Till two years ago, Roshni did not go to any school due to her and her family’s bad health. Volunteers visited her regularly and enrolled her into their life skill session group. The sessions taught her the importance of menstrual hygiene, washing hands and keeping her surroundings clean.

Today, Roshni is a regular in school and is very happy about it.

Aadrika Shukla, Programmes team, Concern India Foundation (New Delhi)

Tuesday, November, 18th, 2014

Education For All

Jubisha Khatoon is a 6-year-old who lives in a small mud house with her family of 5. Her father is a daily labourer and her mother works part-time. Jubisha attends the government school nearby. However, without anyone to teach her at home, following lessons taught at school are tough.

For this reason, she attends the study centre supported by Concern India Foundation. Her younger sister also comes to this centre.

These centres focus on reinforcing lessons delivered in schools using a child friendly approach which is more understandable and is customised to every child’s needs. Classes are held regularly in the morning and evening. Children are assessed on the basis of their performance in the examinations held at the government school as well as by an external agency twice a year which is hired for the purpose.

Jubisha’s parents like all the other parents in the area value what their children are receiving at the study centre and are very thankful for the opportunity.

Sudakshina Aich, Programmes co-ordinator, Concern India Foundation (Kolkata)