Supporting Health Initiatives - Concern India Foundation
Thursday, January, 22nd, 2015

Supporting Health Initiatives

A visit to this unique programme supported by Concern India Foundation was a valuable eye opener for all us. Operating in the slums of Bandra, in suburban Mumbai, the programme helped us dissect the health needs of slum dwellers living in neglected conditions.

As we walked around to meet the residents through the narrow congested depilated buildings, we realised the vulnerability of the community to a lot of lung and skin infections was due to lack of space and sanitation.

Poverty in this community is largely responsible for school dropouts thus making the place a breeding ground for all criminal and drug related activities.

The programme supported by Concern India Foundation works with the community and provides medical services in the area. Through their trained health volunteers from within the community, the clinic reaches out to the slum dwellers for health, education and sanitation related issues.

They also conduct awareness programmes on the issues of family planning and child nutrition. A health centre in the area offers basic medicines and check-ups for the registered families. Currently, the centre maintains records of about 1,000 families living in the area.

Shivani Maheshwari, Resource Mobilisation, Concern India Foundation (Mumbai)

Thursday, January, 8th, 2015

Empowering the Youth

20-year-old Sneha Lata wants to work in a bank after she graduates next year. However, she is not very confident about her spoken English. While she was looking for tutorials, she came across Joining Hands’ vocational training centre supported by Concern India Foundation in New Delhi.

The vocational centre runs for underprivileged youths in slums and addresses the need and importance of soft skills and personality development. It also providing skill training to young adults.

The centre runs two batches with 20 students in each batch. It lays special emphasis on computer education, personality development and improving their spoken English and interview skills.

As Kavita Shah, CEO Concern India Foundation explained, “High unemployment, changing demands in the current job market, economic marginalisation and lack of training facilities are only few of the difficulties confronting the youth once they have finished school.  Joining Hands’ vocational training centre is an initiative supported by Concern India Foundation that provides them with fair starting possibilities to empower them to be confident and independent.”

As for Sneha, she is happy to have found just what she was looking for, to hone her skills before she starts her professional journey.

– Aahana Dhar, Communications Team, Concern India Foundation (New Delhi)