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Wednesday, February, 25th, 2015

Primary Health Care

Concern India Foundation recently organised a specialised health camp for children in Kolkata’s Tangra area.

Due to lack of proper infrastructure and medical facilities, underprivileged children living in these slums suffer from various health diseases. The aim of this unique health initiative was to address these issues and find a solution for the same.

Sponsored by Life Insurance Corporation of India, the health camp was completed in partnership with one of our supported programmes in Kolkata.

Apart from a regular health check-up, children in need of critical care were referred to government hospitals and other doctors.

Over 50 children along with their mothers attended the health camp.

Sudakshina Aich, Programmes Coordinator, Concern India Foundation (Kolkata)

Friday, February, 13th, 2015

Fighting Disability

It is strange how we take so many things for granted – the ability to hold a plate with two hands, to walk without support, to hear sound, or to simply see things around us. Concern India Foundation’s inaugural Sports Day for the Differently Abled was a unique opportunity that made us realise this.

Held on 6th February at the Dharavi Sports Complex in Mumbai, the Sports Day for the Differently Abled saw over 170 children with visual, cognitive, auditory and physical challenges, participate in a day of athletics. The sports day was organised by Secure Giving.

The technical partners for the event were Special Olympics Bharat, an organisation that has ample experience in training and holding competitions for children with disabilities. Their team handled the logistics of the races, from noting down each child’s timings to ensuring that things were carried out in a safe and systematic manner.

The races entailed 25, 50 and 100 metre runs for the children, grouped according to their varying abilities and ages.

In a display of sheer will power, each and every child on crutches and wheelchairs successfully finished their respective races; participants with visual impairments ran the full 50 metres, guided only by the sound of volunteers cheering along the race tracks.

Winners were awarded medals and certificates of honour at the podium that was followed by an impromptu dance party by the side of the tracks and the children were only too thrilled to show off their dance moves before breaking for lunch.

For us, this awe-inspiring Sports Day was a show of extraordinary spirit, enthusiasm and discipline.

Communications Team, Concern India Foundation (Mumbai)

Monday, February, 9th, 2015

Clean Water, Better Health



A visit to Mokhada in Palghar district, Maharashtra, on February 3rd left us inspired. We were there for the inauguration of the first water filter installed at the residential school in the area.

The Karegaon Ashram School houses around 450 students in dormitories that double up as classrooms, while another 400 or so are day scholars from nearby villages. Fevers are rampant among residents and the monsoon often brings more waterborne illnesses with it; the closest well is 1.5 kilometres away and far from clean.

Thanks to the help of DLL Financial Services India, the programme supported by Concern India Foundation in rural Maharashtra was able to procure and install a sustainable water filtration unit made by the Skyjuice Foundation to ensure a clean supply of drinking water from the tanks in the school. Located on hilly terrain, they have planned the piping and taps in such a way that gravity helps water pressure. In this way, no extra energy is required to spread the water supply.

A similar filter was installed in a nearby village and in a month’s time, the local nurse saw her medication handouts fall from 300-350 down to approximately 70 tablets a month.

The availability of clean water right at their doorstep will ideally ensure fewer illnesses and therefore higher school attendance, while alleviating the stress of hiking 1.5 km multiple times a day for water. The Aroehan team hopes that this filter will have a demonstrative effect and can be implemented in all the neighbouring villages and schools in the foreseeable future.

– Shyamali Patel, Communications Team, Concern India Foundation (Mumbai)


Monday, February, 2nd, 2015

Play to Learn

The Inter-NGO Sports Meet, an annual athletic meet for underprivileged children organised by Concern India Foundation was held on 7th December, 2014. It saw over 625 children gathered in Mumbai’s Priyadarshini Park for a day of track, field, competitive races and team camaraderie.

Children from the 21 NGOs began filing in by 7:45 that morning, accompanied by their teachers and supervisors. Having collected their sports kits (shoes, caps, t-shirts and socks) prior to the event, any potential chaos was thankfully kept to a minimum.

Everyone was served a good breakfast before the day began. The Athletic Federation of India was the technical partner for the sports meet and races began promptly at 9 am, after a short opening ceremony. The children participated with unmatched enthusiasm at all events, be it athletics, long jumps or shot put.

Watching these children was pretty amazing. Some of them had a natural talent that you just know is bursting to get out, evident in their powerful strides and pumping fists.

The most amazing sight was their faces when they crossed that finish line – a mixture of accomplishment, relief, and pure joy – not to mention those of their supervisors, many of whom could be seen along the tracks cheering loudly and waiting to greet their champions with bear hugs and words of encouragement. The winners’ certificates and medals were handed out right after each final ensuring that no time was wasted.

The children had a fun day out, got to exercise their sporting abilities and walked away with much-valued certificates, medals and trophies. Their spirit was heartening to see, and they bade us farewell with cheery promises to see us again next year.

Shyamali Patel, Communications Team, Concern India Foundation (Mumbai)