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Differently Abled Sports Meet


Differently Abled Sports Meet (DASM) by Concern India Foundation has been organized over the past few years and has received an overwhelming response from youth across the city. This initiative showcases their talent in sports and develops the spirit of sportsmanship of children with disabilities. 

The participants for this event include students with physical, cognitive, auditory and visual disabilities from 9 NGO schools across the city. Almost 150 students from 9 years of age to 40 years will be participating in team games that have been designed for wheelchair bound, visually impaired, and those with physical disabilities. Given that days are warm, the event will be
conducted slightly differently from the normal range of races, with a focus on team events in shorter spells.


Concern India Foundation is excited to welcome the children back to this event that will be held at the

Bombay Gymkhana on the 11 th April, 2022 from 8am to 2pm.

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