Rural Interventions

Enhancing Economic Sustenance through Watershed development in the Malapadu region, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Malapadu is one of the most backward and under developed villages in the western part of the Guntur district. There are a total of 281 families living in this village. It is a drought-prone area; however this can be reversed through the strengthening of structures to retain water bodies. The goal of this program is to restore land and water management interventions, build the capacity of villagers to understand the importance of water management, restore waste lands resulting in improved economic sustenance, The project is working on enhancing rain water harvesting techniques by strengthening the infrastructure through Construction of Gabion Dams, Check Dams, Farm Ponds and desilting of Percolation Tanks. As a direct outcome of this intervention, it is expected that 30 acres of unused waste land will be bought under cultivation. Water storage will benefit 281 families of which 109 farmers with land will have water for agriculture .The structures and water collected during the rains from June – September will initiate the increase in storage of rainwater and restoration of ground water level. The farmers will have access to water for cultivation to safeguard the crops and feed their livestock. The structures constructed will also result in control of flooding and sedimentation problems downstream.