Rural Interventions

Enhancing livelihoods in the tribal belt of Southern Rajasthan through participatory natural resources management (Rajasthan)

The project is working in two villages in the tribal belt of South Rajasthan. The area has a very high degree of land degradation, poor land productivity, low literacy levels, lack of proper health care facilities, due to which there is a big threat to the sustainable livelihood and food security especially for the tribal community, scheduled castes, women and other poor and marginalized farmers in this area. The livelihood enhancing project along with watershed lines in the 2 villages is being undertaken, where people are to be organized to successfully implement watershed development. Various village level institutions like Gram Panchayat and Village Development Committee (VDC) are involved to plan, implement and monitor the project. The organisation has a Geographic Information System (GIS) based platform, which is a computer based system used for storing, working and analysing any geographical data like satellite images, maps etc. Following interventions are being carried out by the project; Afforestation; Drainage Line Treatment; Soil and water conservation measures on irrigated and non-irrigated land; Agriculture Demonstration; Horticulture; Floriculture; Solar operated Drinking water system; Capacity Building of the Village Level Institutions (VLIs)