Rural Interventions

Vocational Training Centre for the Differently-abled Youth (Bangalore)

This programme works with youth having cognitive developmental challenges to help them be independent. The design of the program ensures holistic development of the differently abled by working on their self-confidence and self-esteem. The activities being focused on are personal skills, living skills and working skill which ensures independent living for most of the beneficiaries. This programme runs a vocational training centre that provides training and employment opportunities for the differently abled. The vocational training project is an answer to many parents’ desperate plea for a sheltered workshop providing vocational training after completing basic functional education. There is a scarcity of specialized vocational training units that help empower the differently abled to learn skills and earn a living. The centre offers specialized training based on aptitude. Courses include candle making, chocolate making, paper product making, screen printing, gardening and computer data entry