Special Needs

Here are some of the Special Needs programmes that we support:

  • Curative Education and Vocational Training Program for Children and Adults with Psycho-Social Impairment (Chennai) +
    This project provides curative education, vocational training and home care for the cognitively challenged to prepare them to lead an independent life. The students are trained in different vocations such as paper and cloth-based material making, tailoring, horticulture, jute based products, arts & crafts etc. They also provide them with physiotherapy, occupational physiotherapy and play therapy. Children and adults with psycho-social impairment are enrolled to focusing on money management, self help skills and games for their loco motor development.
  • Vocational and Skill development Training for the Mentally Challenged Adults (Mumbai) +
    Although societal attitude has seen a change in the past few years, there is little awareness about the capabilities that mentally challenged children and adults possess. Mental Disorders are still viewed as an illness or a curse. This results in the mentally challenged being an ignored and vulnerable section of society. This project aims to improve the quality of living for mentally challenged adults by providing them with educational and vocational training. Various activities in the Vocational Training Centre are undertaken to facilitate the overall development of the adults. The adults are trained in weaving, sewing, file making, screen printing, making cleaning materials etc. The activities help them develop physically, cognitively and socially. The Organization also works closely with the parents to establish strong parent support groups.