Women Empowerment

Home for Neglected Aged Women (Bangalore)

Approximately 40% of senior citizens living with their families face abuse of some kind. Many of the elderly suffer in silence as they fear humiliation or are too afraid to speak up. The phenomenon of ‘grand dumping’ is becoming common in urban areas these days as children are being increasingly intolerant towards their parents’ health problems. The situation for the elderly belonging to the underprivileged communities is even more alarming. The project is focused on serving the helpless aged women who are neglected by society. The project is a residential home for the aged. It aims at providing safety, comfort, care and attention for senior citizens. It reaches out to helpless aged women and enables them to live their remaining days with happiness and dignity. The programme provides them with basic necessities for their survival including healthy food, naturopathy treatment and regular meditation to ensure comprehensive and quality care to the resident senior citizens.