After School Support for the Vulnerable Girl Child (Hyderabad)

This programme is addressing one of the most sensitive issues, which has been long neglected by the Government and the private sector. Children of the victims of trafficking are very often neglected and looked down upon. Thousands of people – largely poor, rural women and children – are lured to towns and cities each year by traffickers who promise good jobs, but sell them into modern day slavery. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking. Due to circumstances and financial constrains mothers are unable to provide children with their basic needs, education included. This programme helps fulfil these basic needs. It provides a conducive environment to the girl child. The programme enrols the girls into English medium schools. The programme has rehabilitated the children from their exploitative environments by providing educational and residential care. There are 43 female children aged between 5-14 years. They are facilitated with quality educational support in a stigma free environment in a private English medium school, ensured to be aware of their basic rights, quality Health check-ups by a qualified team of Doctors, Nurses and Psychologists carried out periodically, hence contributing to their overall growth and development.