Educating Deserted Children (Bangalore)

This programme provides support to needy children in slum communities and is dedicated towards the welfare of abandoned and destitute children. These children belong to marginalized families with disturbed backgrounds. Some have been deserted after the death of their parents; some are children of HIV infected mothers who have been abandoned by their families. It is a safe haven for children where they are provided with shelter, educational support, counseling, life-skills, health checkups & educational field trips The project strives to ensure that the needs of each child are met so that he or she can develop into a self- sufficient adult who is able to become a participative member of society. The children from the shelter home pursue their education in the nearby schools. The project’s intervention is built around identification of missing children through the missing child bureau and through community visits, preparing the children and enrolling them in schools. Regular follow-ups are conducted for children enrolled in the school.