Education on Wheels for Children of Migrant Workers (Pune)

Concern India Foundation supports 4 child care centres and a computer aided learning programme as a means of non-formal education for children of migrant workers in Pune. The programme aims at ensuring that the children of the migrant construction workers enjoy the right to safety, health care, education, recreation and participation. At their centres, they focus on the holistic development of children up to 14 years and provide a healthy environment to them in order to develop their basic health and hygiene habits, motor skills, creativity, and strengthen language, concepts, and teamwork skills. The centres have proved to be highly beneficial to children, particularly since their parents are labourers working long hours to make ends meet. The computer programme allows children access to computers with the aim to first familiarize them with what is now a necessary skill in the workforce, and then use it to supplement educational activities. The centre is not only a school for the children but also a place which provides them with a safety net and access to healthcare and nutrition.