Educational programme for children from government schools in chennai city (Chennai)

The project focus on Understanding Science & Maths through Exploration, Innovation and Creation. This program strengthens the foundations of science learning in a participatory method involving both teachers and students. The students who participate in this programme are from low socio-economic background and their exposures to experiment activities are very less. Altogether 3000 children from 10 government and government aided schools are benefitted from this program. Professionals from the field of science facilitate the sessions on weekly basis. Each child gets 2 kits in a year to make 20 models per year along with 3 variations, i.e. 60 models in a year. Secondly, the themes and models chosen for each class is tightly woven to the curriculum hence are directly helpful to ease the classroom transaction and improve the learning of the children. Two to three teachers get trained in both model making and classroom facilitation, thus making the method an integral part of pedagogy. Participating in this programme teachers gain confidence in facilitating the model making sessions independently and choose different models and also connect the curriculum to the models to be prepared. Students show improvement in academic grades in science.