Educational programme for children from tribal communities, in Kanchipuram district (Chennai)

This project is located in Uthiramerur, Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu; it works to uplift the most economically backward communities among the scheduled tribes including the Narikuravar (gypsies), Malaivaazhum makkal (inhabitants of mountain regions) and Irular (traditionally snake catchers) communities through education. Almost all the children that are a part in the project are first-generation learners. Tribal children are given skill enhancement training on computers and English apart from their regular academics. After completing a basic education, the children are encouraged to pursue a higher education, depending on their capabilities and areas of interest. Career guidance sessions are organized for the children belonging to higher grades, to guide them to choose the right courses and career paths. The programme has been able to reduce the school drop-out rate within the communities and is helping them weave a brighter future.