Nurturing Underprivileged youth in national sports and training (Bangalore)

Concern India Foundation has created a platform to provide athletic training to promising children from underprivileged backgrounds under the aegis of Bangalore School Sports Federation since January 2017 at the Kanteerva Stadium. The training takes place on two levels – the first 3 months for basic training and the next 9 months for advanced training. The basic training focuses on agility, endurance, stamina and strength. The advanced training is based on an individual area of performance to build more skills and techniques. Every training day, the children are provided with nutritional snacks, egg and milk and have also been given a sports kit with a yoga mat, track pants, shorts, T-shirt and shoes. This initiative has helped the children boost their self esteem and self worth and become more confident. They have been able to prioritize their daily schedules and manage their academics to be part of this training. All of them are showing improvement in their stamina as they are able to sustain themselves through all the activities during the training sessions. During the school vacations in May extra sessions were held. A workshop was organized for the children on “Sports- What is in it for Me” where they got inputs form different coaches about the scope they have in sports; being athletes or as trainers, opportunities for both higher education, jobs based on sports quota and on the importance of nutrition and personal safety and care. During the training period, the children have opportunities to participate in various competitions, July 2017 onwards