Special Education

A School for Special Children (Hyderabad)

The school is addressing the issue of impacting the lives of these special children through specialized training and teaching methodologies. The children who are enrolled in the school face mild, moderate, severe and profound challenges. The children have disabilities like cerebral palsy, autism, children with Down syndrome, learning disabilities, mental retardation, epilepsy and speech impairments. The focus of this programme is to integrate differently abled children with their families and society to the maximum extent possible by intensive training, adopting innovative techniques and methodologies and using teaching aids made by qualified special educators based on the needs of the children, their age groups and the different challenges they face. The programme focuses on: a) Helping the children develop motor skills, self-help and social skills whilst engaging them in other activities which contribute to personal hygiene and grooming. b) Teaching academic skills like reading, writing, simple mathematics and enhancing their group and interpersonal interactions. c) Activities like yoga, music therapy and meditation to enhance the children’s learning experience. The programme has so far touched 150 lives and families and continues to work for children with special needs.