Special Education

Imparting Skills of Communication to the Hearing Impaired Youth (Delhi)

The programme aims to build a strong foundation of basic skills among the hearing impaired youths through training in Indian Sign Language and English Communication at Civil Lines Centre, Adarsh Nagar, Delhi, and enhance their capacity to get employed. With an objective to enable the complete integration of the Hearing impaired into the mainstream through education and specialized vocational programs leading to gainful employment, reaching out to hearing impaired youth leading to promising careers in various sectors such as hospitality, IT, Retail, Backend IT Profiles etc. The project provides for vocational training in courses such as English communication, Desktop publishing and Graphic Design, MS Office and Internet, Indian Sign Language, Keyboarding Skills etc. Even though the project provides various courses and trainings, the two courses of Indian Sign Language and English Communication, that Concern India Foundation supports, are the basic courses for taking up vocational training courses and increasing employment opportunity in the market.