Special Education

School for Children With Visual Impairments And Multiple Disabilities (Delhi)

Children with disabilities need special training, attention and specialized education. Many of them cannot be integrated into mainstream institutions. This programme runs a school for children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities aimed at providing meaningful social and educational opportunities to them. By developing their abilities, it enables them to be participative members of society and lead a dignified life. The school is manned with special educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists and equipped with functional assessment and stimulation rooms. It provides nutritional support and transportation facilities for all the children. The school utilizes a child-centric approach. Intervention typically begins with functional assessment, following which an individualized program is designed to meet each child’s unique needs. Children who are confident and well prepared academically are integrated into mainstream schools and those who are not as strong are provided functional education in all subjects and are enrolled in the National Institute of Open School. The programme also addresses the development of orientation and mobility, communication skills, motor skills and sensory efficiency of the child. Extracurricular and leisure activities are built into the curriculum to help develop their creative capacities. Aiming at a holistic development, the programme focuses on building daily skills of the child by providing vocational training. They continuously tap technological innovations to facilitate easy learning and development of their beneficiaries. In the current year the project outreach was 83 children.