Addressing Issues Pertaining to Adolescent Reproductive Health Education for Children (Bangalore/ Pune/ Mumbai)

In spite of stringent laws to protect children against sexual offences, little children continue to be abused both at home and in the community. Family and support systems do not know how to inform their children about safe and unsafe touch. Menstruation is an integral and normal part of human life; the subject is too often a taboo and has met with many negative cultural hindrances and attitudes due to the perceptions and cultural beliefs. As a part of our core theme commitment, we have initiated a project in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai to address the Adolescent Reproductive Health Education for children. This includes sessions for younger children, adolescent girls and boys separately. Boys are also included as they too need awareness as they play an important role in ensuring a safe and conducive environment. This programme works for the children belonging to vulnerable backgrounds with limited access to information. The Project engages in a comprehensive reproductive health and child protection programme that reaches out to young girls and boys (aged 6-11), adolescent girls (aged 12-16) and adolescent boys (aged 12-16) separately. This is so that girls and boys are protected from abuse and girls manage adolescent changes in a healthy manner. This leads to behavioural changes in the children, which increase confidence and enhance their life skills.