Auditory-Verbal Therapy for Children with Hearing Impairments (Mumbai)

Most hearing impaired children have some amount of residuary hearing. This programme works with the Auditory Verbal Therapy Approach (AVT), which is a specialized type of therapy designed to teach deaf children to listen and speak, using their residual hearing. This is in addition to the constant use of amplification devices such as hearing aids, FM devices and cochlear implants. AVT emphasises speech and listening and discourages reliance on visual communications such as lip reading or sign language. AVT facilitates the integration of children into society as they pick up language skills and are able to listen and speak effectively. They provide opportunities to the hearing impaired children to develop their speech and language and give them exposure to various learning opportunities. One of the highlights of this programme is the role of the parents through the entire therapy. The organization believes that since the parents are the first source of learning for the children, the parents are in a better position to monitor the progress of the child. They conduct regular trainings to upgrade the professional skills of the staff and improve outcomes using new techniques.