Employee Engagement

Employee engagement programs have been established as a great way to make employees feel a part of the larger community as well as align their personal beliefs and values with that of their organisation. They create a close-knit work environment and are a fantastic opportunity for employees across professional levels and functions to connect with each other. Employee engagement activities leverage the power of business for social good. We work closely with organisations to conceptualise and manage employee volunteering programmes that are aligned with their specific goals and requirements.

Some of the activities through which we engage employees:

Volunteering at old age homes

Employees spend a few hours or a day with senior citizens, participating in activities playing ‘antakshari’, helping with cooking, etc.

Inter NGO quiz for underprivileged children
For organisations and employees looking at a more sustained activity, the quiz involves volunteering, mentoring and conducting lessons once a week for children from different NGOs over a period of at least 3 months. The aim is to improve their general knowledge, mathematics and spoken English. The program culminates in an Inter-NGO Quiz between the groups

Indoor Summer Camps
Employees supervise and conduct various activities for the children over the course of a day. These can include making collages, spelling bee contests, quizzes, dance-offs and craft.


Fun fairs
Concern India Foundation and the employees plan various fun-fair type stalls, each to be manned by groups of employees. These are often organised for mentally/physically disabled children as well as for young adults.

Wall painting at children centres

The walls of day care centres and schools for underprivileged children are often dull and worn out. Volunteers paint the walls of day care centres and schools for underprivileged children, which are often worn out. These can be adorned with inspirational quotes, educational tools and fun graphics, giving employees a chance to unleash their creativity.

Tree planting

Employees plant saplings at a chosen location. The event invariably encourages goodwill and team spirit amongst the employees.

Health camps
Volunteers help organise a health camp for the underprivileged. They assist doctors with conducting basic tests, creating and filing reports, distributing information/pamphlets and medicines etc.

Field trips
Employees take children from NGOs out for a field trip to the zoo, planetarium, amusement park etc. They conduct interactive sessions and games related to the place of visit and ensure that the kids get the most out of their day out.