Ongoing Mela


The Ongoing Mela is an opportunity provided by Concern India Foundation, at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival held in Mumbai to grassroots organisations to showcase and sell products created by their beneficiaries. It provides an urban platform to artisans and organisations- some of them coming from the deepest and remotest pockets of rural India, thereby contributing greatly to their livelihood.

The Ongoing Mela was a runaway success right from the very beginning and every year we have seen unprecedented growth in the number of people who attend the mela and also in the number of entries we receive every year from NGOs across India.

Market accessibility is the biggest advantage for any organisation that participates here. They get to analyse trends and feel the pulse of the market. When they go back with these experiences, they are able to diversify their product range and come up with new merchandise. This is a huge boost to the artisan communities across the country and goes a long way in sustaining their livelihoods. This encourages them to increase their production thereby generating income for more people.

Community based organisations have been working earnestly with rural artisans to ensure that artisans are not short – changed and the products made so painstakingly by the artisan reaches the right people. It is our endeavour to identify and partner with such organisations working at the grassroots level and support them in their path to economic self sufficiency by providing a range of support services.

The Ongoing Mela takes place every year in the first week of February.