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With over 30 years of experience in the social sector, we have fine-tuned the process of identifying, monitoring and evaluating the programmes we support, so that we can judiciously disburse funds and track their work and impact. We have a two-tier monitoring and evaluation system conducted at the first level by the project personnel at the respective branch and then by the All India Projects Team. Our Projects Team comprises of qualified social workers, all of whom have a Masters Degree in Social Work from a reputed institute.

The process begins with Identification, where an assessment is carried out for programmes which fit into a predefined criteria. This involves the selection of NGOS that are committed to their cause but unable to raise sufficient funds, thorough reviews of all legal and account documents, conducting due diligence, reference and background checks, and a review of the plan of action. We work with the NGOs to determine the components they find hard to raise funds for, and that is where we ‘plug the gap’.


Once the programme is selected, it moves in to the Monitoring phase where we work to ensure the optimal utilisation of funds and resources that are made available to them. This includes reviews of the project intervention at the community level, regular progress reports, financial and operational reviews, measuring, reporting and improving project efficiency, surprise field visits, focus group discussions, and more.


The Evaluation process examines the impact made by the supported programme. This entails a project support assessment, SWOT analysis, mid-term and end-term evaluation. Our goal is to help the programmes achieve a level of sustainability that enables them to carry out the project activities after the grant period is over.

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