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With over 31 years of experience in the social sector, we have fine-tuned the process of identifying, monitoring and evaluating the programmes we directly implement or support. This is to judiciously disburse funds and track their work and impact.

Initially a need assessment is conducted, which leads us to a viable structured programme that can address the challenges on the ground. We discuss and work with all stakeholders to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. The programmes achieve a level of sustainability that enables them to carry out the project activities after the grant period is over.

Identification: We either work to design, customise and implement projects independently or extend support to grassroots level NGOs to execute the same. 

Direct Intervention: We adopt our technical and administrative capacity to take responsibility for mobilisation of resources, while effectively applying required inputs to ensure best possible outputs. We implement and address certain social problems, which fall under the purview of our areas of work.

Partnerships: Our team uses its broad-ranging experience and expertise to access a network of credible NGOs to deliver specific solutions. Executed thorough checks of all legal and account documents, conducting due diligence, reference and background checks, and a review of the action plan.

Monitoring: We are committed to transparency at all levels of functioning and are accountable to all our stakeholders. Reports are compiled to keep supporters updated on the progress. We generate a clear, complete statement that outlines the usage of funds against budgets for each programme. This includes reviews of the project intervention at the community level, improving project efficiency, surprise field visits, focus group discussions and more.

Evaluation: We critically examine our programmes. It involves analysing information, collating responses from the ground, measuring parameters as per decided yardsticks and developing outcomes. The purpose is to maximise our effectiveness. This entails a project support assessment, SWOT analysis, mid-term and end-term evaluation.

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