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Corporates and business houses are slowing turning into agents of change and are starting to open up to the socio-economic initiatives of nonprofit organisations. Our unique partnership models give Corporates an opportunity to not just donate but also be actively involved with our various fundraising activities in different ways.

We are constantly thinking of creative methods to make our association with Corporates both exclusive and value creating for all involved. Whether it is supporting our campaigns directly by donating money or taking part in the events partnered by these corporates or helping create awareness about our programmes and causes, collaborations with corporates is an exciting new avenue in the present times.

WAYS TO partner with us

Concern India Foundation helps fulfill CSR mandates, thereby accomplishing specific, large-scale developmental goals that address community and stakeholders’ needs.

Employee engagement programs have been established as a great way to make employees feel a part of the larger community as well as align their personal beliefs and values with that of their organisation. 

We have made corporate and employee payroll giving a simple, organized, tax-effective and hassle-free process. Through our ‘doing good while doing well’ payroll giving programme, you can take your first steps toward contributing to the betterment of the underprivileged.

Concern India Foundation can partner with your company to tackle social problems as well as create business value. In such campaigns, a brand is affiliated with a cause and a portion of the proceeds from sales are donated to that cause.

As people witness the great disparities in our society, they seek to participate in being part of the much needed change. Concern India Foundation works with many individuals to help them channel their money, and sometimes efforts, towards worthy causes that are close to their heart.


We would like to thank the corporates who have extended their support to us:

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