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Corporates and business houses are agents of change. The CSR Mandate bill in India, introduced in 2013, requires certain companies to allocate a portion of their profits towards corporate social responsibility. This is to encourage businesses to actively participate in social and environmental initiatives, promote sustainable development and address pressing societal challenges.

The bill has sparked a wave of collaborative partnerships between businesses, non-profit organisations and government bodies, fostering a culture of social responsibility. This has bridged the gap between the corporate sector and society, enabling companies to reach their development goals.

Our unique partnership models give Corporates an opportunity to be actively involved in the development process through our various options. 

We are constantly thinking of creative methods to make our association with Corporates both exclusive and value creating for all involved. Ultimately, corporate-NGO collaborations foster positive social impact, drive sustainable development and create a more equitable and inclusive world.

Ways to partner with us


We would like to thank the corporates who have extended their support to us:

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