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“If you really want to receive joy and happiness, then serve others with all your heart. Lift their burden, and your own burden will be lighter.” – Ezra Taft Benson

On a rainy morning in Mumbai, volunteers from an organization providing financial services gathered to ensure a bunch of kids from 2 special schools had the time of their lives in a fun filled event organised by Concern India Foundation as an employee engagement activity for the organization.

A myriad of activities were organised for the children to participate in. The company volunteers took charge of the counters and started conducting the activities.

The activities included blowing out candles, drawing and colouring, fish in the pond, blowing balloons, bowling, throwing the ring, mehendi, tattoo, hair braiding, nail polish, make up and a photo booth with props.

Since a lot of these activities required the sense of sight, we were initially quite apprehensive about whether the children would be able to take part in the activities.We were all very pleasantly surprised.

The children and their teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They wholeheartedly participated in all the activities. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on the volunteers as well. They pushed themselves harder to make this a memorable event for the kids and for themselves.

After being treated to a delicious lunch, it was time for some music and dance.

The kids got together for a round of Antakshari and then showed off their skills on the dance floor. We were stunned by their sense of rhythm and their joy at being able to dance with their new friends. Some of the volunteers taught the kids a few steps of salsa and jive, which were immediately replicated on the floor.

This was indeed Employee Volunteering with a Heart. It was very touching to witness how selflessly the volunteers took part in the event. Right from guiding the children around the place to taking them to the washroom or serving them food. The volunteers did everything they could to make the day a memorable one.

Every child who attended that event went home with a smile, and every volunteer at the end of the event went back satisfied knowing that they have managed to bring some sunshine to the lives of these children on a rainy day.

-Sagarika Mohanty

Communications Team

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