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Last week, Concern India Foundation organized an interaction between the volunteers of Google as a part of their Google Serve initiative and the students at the Joining Hands Vocational Training Center located in Badarpur, Delhi. The 16 volunteers were shown the center and introduced to the students who were already in the class by the Concern team and Ms. Aparna Singh, Head of Programmes.

The vocational training center has been operational since January 2015 and it aims to improve the confidence and communication skills of youth in order to ease their entry into the workforce, feel more comfortable in a work environment, and put them on a level playing field with other prospective candidates. The students are enrolled in a comprehensive three month course which comprises of IT, English and soft skills training.

The volunteers were divided in three groups as per the scheduled activities (Computer Training, Personality Development and Painting/Graffiti). The volunteers conducted a basic computer training session and taught them about systems like Google Maps and Google Search. In the personality development class the volunteers conducted a workshop on the importance of soft skills such as appropriate body language (especially in reference to a job setting).

The day ended with some team-building exercises and the gifting of goodies from the volunteers. Interactions like these are especially valuable to the students, who are on the precipice of entering the workforce and can gain insight from employees of some of the world’s largest companies.

– Gunjan Lal, Resource Mobilisation (Delhi), Concern India Foundation

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